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What is Certified Cost Professional Exam (CCP®)?

 CCP® certification holders differentiate themselves from others by having cost engineering knowledge, experience and best practices of the industry. CCP® certification offered by AACEI® USA. Professionals are working as cost engineers/cost estimators/quantity surveyors/planning engineers.

Learning Objectives:

  • A clear understanding on the Cost Engineering and the best practices of Total Cost Management from the Process Groups – Planning, Execution & Control of Costs on Project & Program.
  • To gauge the participants current level of understanding on the Project Cost & Cost Management.
  • To equip the Participants with the necessary exam preparation.
  • To effectively and efficiently handle projects.
  • To understand the contributions the Project Managers on the Cost Planning during the life of a project.
  • To enhance and increase avenues in the field of Project Management.

What do CCP Course-taker get?

At the end of this training, the Participants will get:

  • 40 Hours of dedicated training.
  • Additional assistance on the Exam Preparation.
  • An insight into the current way of handling project costs.
  • Templates for Project Cost Management.
  • A thorough understanding and practice on Earned Value Management w.r.t. cost.
  • The simulation exams provide confidence and understanding to pass the examination.

Target Audience:

CCP® is recommended for the below listed professionals:

  • Project Managers/Aspiring Project Managers
  • Team Leads/Team Managers
  • Project Associates
  • Project Assistants/Engineers
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Coordinators
  • Software Developers
  • All those who are directly or indirectly involved in projects

Course Material:

Chicago Institute for Management Training provides all the necessary course material to the Participants, which includes:

  • PMBOK® 6th Edition (the current edition) – 2018
  • Sample questions
  • Simulation Exams
  • Templates for all the Project Management Plans & Project Documents

After Training Services or ATS:

  • Question Bank with sample questions.
  • Re-training within 6 months.
  • Immediate assistance by the in-house trainers.
  • Assistance with the PMI Exam application Form.


Course Objectives

  • Elaborate Cost Estimating Methodologies, Classifications and Cost Engineering fundamentals
  • Describe Basic and applied economic analysis concepts
  • Track and control cost using Earned Value Management Technique
  • Understand fundamentals of Project planning and Management
  • Analyze contract management process and procedures of capital projects
  • Apply Statistics, probability and Risk Management techniques in evaluating and forecasting the cost performance of the project


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