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Estimates of operating and manufacturing costs through an asset's life cycle; - risk assessment and ... setting goals, - motivating people etc.

cce ccp

A CCP is an experienced practitioner with advanced knowledge and technical expertise to apply the broad principles and best practices of Total Cost Management (TCM) in the planning, execution and management of any organizational project or program. CCPs also demonstrate the ability to research and communicate aspects of TCM principles and practices to all levels of project or program stakeholders, both internally and externally. CMTI offers CCP® Exam Preparation Training for Professionals working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Doha, Ruwais, UAE. Our CCP Exam review course made us to become a leading CCP training provider.


Course Objectives

  • Elaborate Cost Estimating Methodologies, Classifications and Cost Engineering fundamentals
  • Describe Basic and applied economic analysis concepts
  • Track and control cost using Earned Value Management Technique
  • Understand fundamentals of Project planning and Management
  • Analyze contract management process and procedures of capital projects
  • Apply Statistics, probability and Risk Management techniques in evaluating and forecasting the cost performance of the project


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