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Estimates of operating and manufacturing costs through an asset's life cycle; - risk assessment and ... setting goals, - motivating people etc.

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An EVP is a practitioner of Earned Value with demonstrated mastery of contract language as it relates to Earned Value application, the organization of a project’s scope into meaningful structure for execution; planning scheduling and budgeting the project work from initiation through close out using an integrated cost/schedule tool; highly proficient in monitoring project progress for performance measurement. CMTI offers EVP Exam Preparation Training for Professionals working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Doha, Ruwais, UAE. Our EVP Exam review course made us to become a leading EVP training provider.


Course Objectives

    Benefits for Individual

  • Describe the basis of Earned Value management Concept  within Total Cost management (TCM) Framework of  AACE
  • Establish the Terminologies used in  EVM in align with ANSI/EIA 748B July 2007 Standard and AACE  Cost Engineering Terminology  (10S-90)  adopted by ANSI
  • Recognize the steps in EVM Process  and methods of monitoring the project by using EVM
  • Evaluate the methods of reporting  and  forecasting  based on EVM metrics
  • Apply the tips and guidelines to confront questions of EVP® Exam.


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