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Equip you with the skills and knowledge as a quality expert to achieve continual improvement


Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence facilitates and leads team efforts to establish and monitor customer/supplier relations, supports strategic planning and deployment initiatives, and helps develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement. CMTI offers CMQ® Exam Preparation Training for Professionals working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Doha, Ruwais, UAE. Our CMQ Exam review course made us to become a leading CMQ training provider.


Course Objectives

  • Describe Basic Models of strategic planning and evaluate the various forces that drive strategic plans
  • Define, Describe and analyze management theories and principles
  • Identify the interaction of Organizations areas viz., Hr, Finance, Knowledge Management , Risk Management and fundamental functions & Processes of those areas
  • Apply project Management methodologies and guidelines to achieve the strategic objectives
  • Define and Describe Quality Management methods, tools and techniques
  • Identify process Management Metrics and basic statistical tools to assess them
  • Analyze methods to energize internal customers and satisfy the requirements of external customers
  • Design and develop methods to select , communicate with and assess suppliers.
  • Develop and implement training plans and assess the training effectiveness


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